Member Affiliation

Affiliating your students as members of FCCLA opens them to the world of opportunity, conferences, and resources in FCCLA. Affiliation is required each year. Detailed information regarding dues and fees can be found in the Chapter Success Guide (under Resources).

Affiliate Your Members

Member Affiliation

Affiliating your students as members of FCCLA opens them to the world of opportunity, conferences, and resources in FCCLA. Affiliation is required each year.

Affiliate Your Members

Start a Chapter

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) provides a wealth of benefits for your students, Family and Consumer Sciences program, school, community, and your own professional development.

If your school does not currently have an FCCLA chapter, then consider starting a chapter! The first step to establishing and affiliating an FCCLA chapter is to make sure you have an FCS program and teacher in your school. To help you get started, contact the Washington FCCLA State Adviser who will help you affiliate and introduce you to the tools and resources to maximize your FCCLA experience!

Start a Chapter
Challenge #1 – Big and Little
Challenge #2 – Bring a Buddy
Challenge #3 – Wear Your Red

State Membership Campaign

This year I am so excited to launch my 2021-2022 membership campaign, titled Your Time to Shine. I really want to make this year count, especially because of how the last year was! My goal with this campaign is not only to increase membership for FCCLA across the state, but to get more people to learn what FCCLA is and what we do!

How the campaign works: My campaign will consist of 3 challenges. Every chapter is highly encouraged to participate, because this is also a competition! For each challenge, one winner will be selected to receive a free FCCLA tote bag and some other goodies!! The challenges and submission information will be listed below.

Third Challenge- Wear your Red

Members are encouraged to wear any red piece of clothing to their FCCLA meetings. This will show unity as a club, and hopefully serve as a way to get other people interested. This is a great way to rock your red, FCCLA! The chapter who documents the most cases of members wearing red throughout this challenge will be rewarded and recognized. As the previous challenges explained, don’t forget to take pictures of members wearing their red clothes during meetings! You can post to Instagram with #yourtimetoshinefccla so we can see! Don’t forget to submit photo evidence of your chapter doing this challenge to win the prize! You will need to attach your photos to the form listed below and send it to me at

Start: January 3rd

Last day to submit photos: February 25th

Additional Information:

At the start of every challenge, information will be sent out in Washington Weekly, so you don’t forget about these challenges! The winners of each challenge will be announced no later than a week after the last day to submit your photos. The winning chapters of each challenge will also be recognized during the 2022 State Leadership Conference!

I hope these challenges will bring joy and excitement to your chapters this year, as well as many new members to our FCCLA family! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at any time!

Submission Form

State Membership Campaign

This year’s State Membership Campaign is:  “Tell a Friend, Bring a Friend.” Members, we challenge you to recruit new members by bringing a friend to your next chapter meeting! Advisers or chapter presidents, please take note of the number of new FCCLA “friends” that you affiliate each meeting and send to Harley Kayser, Washington State Vice President of Membership, at

Washington FCCLA will recognize the chapter with the most new affiliated members. If you’re the first chapter to affiliate 12, 24, or 36 new members, you will receive recognition at the State Leadership Conference and FCCLA motivational items.

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