Date Event – Location
August 1 2023-2024 Affiliation Opens
October 9-11 Capitol Leadership – Washington DC
November 1 1st National Affiliation Deadline (to maintain access to competitive events and national resources/communications)
November 10-12 National Fall Conference – Birmingham, AL
November 14 WA FCCLA Board of Directors
November 14-15 WA FCCLA Winter Exec – Spokane
January 24  State Leadership Conference Registration Deadline
January 25-28 Chapter Adviser Summit – Seattle
January 26 Affiliation Deadline for participation at SLC
January 26 State Leadership Conference Registration Deadline- LATE
January 26 Accomplishment Ribbon Deadline
February 2 State/National Officer Candidate Application Deadline
February 2 WA Honorary Membership Application Deadline
WA Hall of Fame Application Deadline
WA Scholarship Application Deadline
WA Spirit of Advising Recommendation Deadline
February 15 SLC Recognition Deadline- Adviser Mentor Application
SLC Recognition Deadline- Master Adviser Application

March 1


Power of One Application Deadline
National Program Award Application Deadline
National Adviser Mentor Award Application Deadline
National Master Adviser Award Application Deadline
National Chapter Public Relations Award Deadline
National STAR Events Volunteer Award Deadline
National Educated Adviser Award Deadline
National Alumni Achievement Award Deadline
National Honorary Membership Award Deadline
National School Administrator Award Deadline

March 5-8 WA FCCLA State Leadership Conference – Spokane
May 19-22 WA State Officer Leadership Training (SOLT)
June 29-July 3 National Leadership Conference – Seattle, WA