Honorary memberships are a special way of recognizing individuals who have supported, made significant contributions, and/or promoted Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and family and consumer sciences education. Honorary memberships may be awarded at the state or chapter level.

STATE—Applications for state honorary memberships may be submitted for individuals who qualify in one of the following categories.

  1. Chapter Parents and Citizens: Have made direct contributions (time, effort, talents, support, guidance, and/or aid in interpreting the FCCLA program) to FCCLA by participating in business and social meetings, assisting with conventions, and/or acting as a coordinator between the chapter and the community on the regional and/or state level.
  2. Community Leaders: Have held statewide leadership positions in business, industry, government, news media, or organizations and have the capacity to promote FCCLA and FACSE.
  3. Chapter Advisers: Have made direct contributions to FCCLA in ways that are readily recognizable as outstanding or unique and in addition to regular duties.
  4. State FCCLA Adviser: Has given three or more years of service to working with chapters on national, state, and local problems over and above the responsibilities of the position.

Applications for state honorary membership should be well organized and contain concise evidence. Those reviewing the applications will not know each candidate; therefore, the application must be complete. Use the honorary membership form for submitting application.

CHAPTER—The following qualifications are suggested as guides for evaluating persons thought to be worthy of chapter honorary membership.

  1. Chapter Parents: Have been active in FCCLA for two or more years or by attending business and social meetings, assisting with special meetings, regional meetings, etc.; provided transportation for FCCLA trips; acted as adviser on chapter trips; and helped to promote community activities.
  2. Chapter Advisers: Have encouraged and promoted a strong desire in the members to continue FCCLA and FACSE and who have done outstanding work beyond their usual duties.
  3. Chapter Members: Have made outstanding contributions to FCCLA and to the FACSE program.
  4. Citizens:  Have promoted and/or contributed to the local FCCLA program or have the potential to do so.

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Hall of Fame recognition is a special way of acknowledging individuals who have dedicated, made significant contributions, and legacy in FCCLA in state of Washington.


  • 10 or more years of service in any way (member, adviser, board member, evaluator, volunteer, presenter, etc.)
  • Serve as a State or National Officer for a total of three years (or more)
  • Development of an initiative or program that is adopted by WA FCCLA and implemented for three years or more
  • Serve as a sponsor or partner for 5 years or more
  • Sponsor legislation supporting FCCLA

Applications for state Hall of Fame recognition should be well organized and contain concise evidence. Those reviewing the applications will not know each candidate; therefore, the application must be complete. Use the Hall of Fame recognition nomination form for submitting application.

Self-Nominations will be accepted. Also, if you are nominated by someone and your application is incomplete – the recognition reviewing committee may contact the nominee to provide the missing information.

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Washington FCCLA offers two $1,000 scholarships to active FCCLA members who have achieved academic excellence. There are three categories of scholarships offered:

  • Applicants who plan to major in FCS Education.
  • Applicants who plan to prepare for a FCS-related occupation.
  • Applicants currently in a university, community, or technical college planning to enter FCS as a major.

In years where there are no qualifying applicants in one of the categories, then more than one scholarship may be awarded in another category.

The scholarships are awarded in the names of:

Anita Worth Berry
Laura E. McAdams
Dean Velma Phillips
Ailsie M. Stevenson
Grace G. Granberg

The scholarships are awarded each year at the annual state meeting. Each one thousand dollar scholarship is paid over a two-year period to the recipient.

To be eligible for an FCCLA scholarship, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Have a grade point average of 3.0 or above.
  2. Be an active member of a local chapter or have been an active member while in high school.
  3. Plan to or be enrolled in:
  4. Study FCS at one of Washington’s accredited four‑year universities (Category I).
  5. Enter a one- or two-year training program for a FCS-related occupation in a Washington community or technical college (Category II).
  6. Enter FCS as a major and be currently enrolled in a university in Washington (Category III).

Note:  If there are no applicants intending to attend school in Washington State the scholarship may be awarded to an applicant planning to attend a school out of state.

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