Chapter Activities

This page features activities that your State Leadership Team has created for your Chapter.  Look at the fun opportunities to get members involved, to learn more about FCCLA AND to receive State Recognition!

Community Service

Home Safe Home: The Competitive Countdown

Home to many, offers a feeling of safety and comfort, but in the households of domestic violence situations, there is hardly a home sweet home, kind of feeling. How could there be when there are toxic emotions or abuse?

Starting in October and ending in March, Washington FCCLA is hosting monthly challenges that will encourage members to learn about child abuse and domestic violence signs, resources, and how best to cope or handle stressful family circumstances. These challenges span from snapping a family picture to reading a book and making a connection to how you could make a difference in the world around you.

On the first of every month, an announcement will go out on Washington FCCLA’s social media, where members will have the opportunity to compete for awesome prizes. I repeat, “AWESOME PRIZES”! The window for entering will last all month, and the winner will be selected and announced the following week. These challenges will count us down to the State Leadership Conference where winners will get special recognition and collect their prizes on the state stage!!!

To participate, you can email your entry directly to (that’s me) and I will send you a confirmation email, or you can post your entry on Instagram and tag @washingtonfccla and @aly_ssa.lloyd where we will all get a look at your amazing projects throughout the year.

Hopefully, these challenges will push you to think and learn about what it means to have a healthy relationship and what to factor into your current and future family bonds. Participants will have the opportunity to get creative, all the while gaining new and valuable information that hopefully will inspire a lifetime of safe decisions and create the Home Safe Home kind of feeling.

I look forward to seeing all of your imaginative ideas and hearing insights on what you learn along the way. If you have any questions, or just want to share something you gained feel free to email me.

October Challenge
Domestic Violence Prevention Month Spirit Days

Competitive Events

This year I created two workshops to help you learn what’s new in competitive events. The first workshop is full of fun videos and activities to help you learn all about how you can go “Beyond Measure” in competitive events this year. In this virtual adventure you can journey through “A Kingdom of Competitive Events” to learn all about STAR Events, Skill Demonstration Events, and LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl. This workshop is all about a kingdom where “Anyone Can Rule” through competitive events. You can visit the Sorcerer’s Lair, Fairy Forest, Knight’s Corner, Fortune Teller’s Tower, Latest News Lagoon, and Activity Alley. There are animated informational videos that are accompanied by a word search, coloring sheet, or bingo activity.

The second workshop is an evaluator training. In this training you will find an informational video and mock evaluation. This workshop will provide all the information you need to be successful and go “Beyond Measure” as a STAR Event evaluator and competitor.

Kirstin Johnson

VP of Competitive Events

Competitive Events Workshop

LEAD with National Programs

Get ready to LEAD Through National Programs!

You have the opportunity to win a FREE t-shirt and recognition at the 2021 State Leadership Conference.

How? Follow these five simple steps!

1. Decide who will be involved. These projects can be done individually, with a partner, or your whole chapter!

2. Research National Programs. What ARE the National Programs? What are their purposes? Print out the National Programs Flyers or watch the National Programs Video Series for some insight!

3. Brainstorm your three projects. Brainstorm project ideas for all of the National Programs (excluding Community Service & Power of One). Which projects sound the most meaningful to you or your group? Select three projects each from a different National Program.
For project ideas, check out the National Programs Video Series!

4. Plan & Lead. Plan each project thoroughly, we strongly suggest using the FCCLA Planning Process. Take lots of pictures/videos for each project!

5. Fill out three verification forms. After each project completed, one project member (or your adviser) must fill out a verification form. Complete these steps before December 30th. Keep an eye out for emails!

You can now receive a free t-shirt and recognition at the 2021 SLC! Check out these resources:

National Programs Flyers
Suggested Timeline Infographic
National Programs Video Series – Career Connection
National Programs Video Series – Community Service
National Programs Video Series – Families First
National Programs Video Series – Financial Fitness
National Programs Video Series – Stand Up
National Programs Video Series – Student Body
National Programs Video Series – Power of One
LEAD Verification Form

Parliamentary Procedure

“Go Beyond Measure” this year and help your chapter run meetings smoothly.  

Check out the video – Caden Doggett and Robert’s Rules of Order – Part One 

This video details some important information about parliamentary law that is crucial for any organization. Hopefully, you can find it useful! 

Parliamentary Procedure – Part 1
Parliamentary Procedure – Part 2

Recognition for Participation

This year’s Recognition activity is a regional competition!  

Each month leading up to the State Leadership Conference, two regions will be highlighted. One chapter from each region will be recognized by the executive council for their outstanding participation and engagement on social media and at state!  

This will not be based on total amount of participation, instead I will make sure to consider the percentages each chapter has for engagement. So any chapter, big or small, can win! 

How to Participate: Talk with your chapter and start using your leadership skills to organize community service events, FCCLA national program projects, Competitive Event teams, and more! The more your chapter does to engage in FCCLA, the bigger chance you have of winning! 

For any questions please email, and good luck! 

 Aurora Hudson Beeks, Washington State Vice-President of Recognition

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