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This page features activities that your State Leadership Team has created for your Chapter.  Look at the fun opportunities to get members involved, to learn more about FCCLA AND to receive State Recognition!

Community Service

Color Because We Care

Cancer touches all of our lives in different ways… Whether we’ve been diagnosed, had a friend or family member undergo treatment, or have lost a loved one, cancer takes its toll. With over 100 different types of cancer, it should come as no surprise that every month recognizes a different cancer type and has an awareness ribbon in it’s honor.

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Orange

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink

November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month White

January: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Teal and White

February: National Cancer Prevention Month Pick Your Color

March: Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month Maroon

Starting in September and ending in March, Washington FCCLA is hosting monthly challenges that will encourage members to spread awareness about the different types of cancer. These challenges are simple. Follow the below steps.

1. Check out our Washington FCCLA social media to find out the featured cancer type of the month and the awareness color.

2. Screenshot the Color Because We Care Instagram template and take a picture with as much of the awareness color as you can! Wear it, stand by it, and get your whole chapter involved.

3. Share the picture on your story and tag @washingtonfccla. Use our hashtag: #ColorBecauseWeCare. Your picture will be featured on our social media.

4. Collect cool prizes! We will select winners for each month to receive a super cool gift basket that is made up of all things your color!

On the first of every month, an announcement will go out on Washington FCCLA’s social media, where members will have the opportunity to compete for awesome prizes. The window for entering will last all month, and the winner will be selected and announced the following week. These challenges will count us down to the State Leadership Conference where winners will get special recognition and collect their prizes on the state stage!

To participate, you can email your entry directly to and I will send you a confirmation email, or you can post your entry on Instragam and tag @washingtonfccla and @aly_ssa.lloyd where we will all get a look at you completing the “Color Because We Care” challenges throughout the year.

Hopefully, these challenges will help you to gain insight on the variety of cancers and ways you can help spread awareness. I look forward to seeing all of your colorful pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Information about Community Service Project

Competitive Events

Last year, in my leadership role as Washington State Vice President of Competitive Events – 2020-2021, I created two workshops to help you learn what’s new in competitive events. The first workshop is full of fun videos and activities to help you learn all about how you can go “Beyond Measure” in competitive events this year. In this virtual adventure you can journey through “A Kingdom of Competitive Events” to learn all about STAR Events, Skill Demonstration Events, and LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl. This workshop is all about a kingdom where “Anyone Can Rule” through competitive events. You can visit the Sorcerer’s Lair, Fairy Forest, Knight’s Corner, Fortune Teller’s Tower, Latest News Lagoon, and Activity Alley. There are animated informational videos that are accompanied by a word search, coloring sheet, or bingo activity.

The second workshop is an evaluator training. In this training you will find an informational video and mock evaluation. This workshop will provide all the information you need to be successful and go “Beyond Measure” as a STAR Event evaluator and competitor.

Kirstin Johnson

VP of Competitive Events – Washington State 2020-2021

National Vice President of Competitive Events 2021-2022

Competitive Events Workshop

FCCLA National Programs

Last year in my leadership role as Washington State Vice President of Programs 2020-2021, I organized the 2020-2021 State Executive Council in creating video series about all the National Program. If you want to find out more about the FCCLA National Program.

Briana Castro

Washington State VP of Programs – 2020-2021

National Vice President of Development – 2021-2022

National Programs Flyers
National Programs Video Series – Career Connection
National Programs Video Series – Community Service
National Programs Video Series – Families First
National Programs Video Series – Financial Fitness
National Programs Video Series – Stand Up
National Programs Video Series – Student Body
National Programs Video Series – Power of One
National Programs Video Series – FACTS

Parliamentary Procedure

“Make It Count” – Now’s Your Time this year and learn how to help your chapter run meetings smoothly.

Check out the video and PowerPoint presentation – Matthew Bruce created with President Alyssa Lloyd.

This video details some important information about parliamentary law that is crucial for any organization. Hopefully, you can find it useful!


If you have any questions – contact me at


Parliamentary Procedure

Recognition for Participation

Chapter of the Month!!

This year I want chapters to get more involved in activities through out the year, so I have created a chapter of the month program. Each month there will be a new challenge to complete. The first chapter to successfully complete that month’s challenge will be the winner, and depending on the challenge, some months could have multiple winners!! When your chapter has completed the challenge, fill out the submission form. Each months winner will be announced at the beginning of the following month in the Washington Weekly Newsletter, along with a description of the next challenge – for example – The September winner will be announced at the beginning of October along with a description of October’s challenge.

The monthly challenges are…

September: Hold a membership recruitment meeting. It’s as simple as that! All you have to do is hold a membership recruitment meeting and count how many new members are in attendance and if possible send in a picture.

October: Regional Membership. Bring as many members as you can to your Regional Fall Conference. It doesn’t matter if they are seasoned FCCLA veterans or a first-year newbie, if they are in attendance they count! This challenge will have multiple winners, as the chapter with the most members in attendance in each region will be declared a winner.

November: Parliamentary Procedure. Get the whole chapter involved in making a decision using Parliamentary Procedure! If your parliamentary procedure skills are a little rusty, just go to the Washington FCCLA YouTube channel to see a video on the ins and outs of Parliamentary Procedure.

December: Power of One. The first chapter to have all members complete at least one of the five Power of One units will be the winner.

January: New Year, New Me! Welcome the new year with a list of things you want to accomplish. The first chapter to have all members come up with a New Years Resolution will be the winner.

February: Celebrate FCCLA Week! FCCLA Week is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year! Show your FCCLA pride by celebrating the daily themes of FCCLA Week!

I cannot wait to see all the amazing chapters compete in these challenges, if you have any questions please contact me

Submission Form for Recognition

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