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Looking for a way to go Beyond Measure in FCCLA this year? Look no further than the Going Beyond Measure Networking, right here on the Washington FCCLA website!

This blog was created to strengthen the bond between Washington members and state officers, while opening up opportunities to expand in their FCCLA journey. It is a place where members can find personal connections, about members from across their state, and so much more!

Not only this, but members have the opportunity to join the Washington FCCLA Networking group which can be accessed by following @wafcclaprez on Instagram! From there, all members have to do is send a direct message with their chapter name and they will be able to join.

This networking group is designed for members to get to know each other and strengthen their FCCLA journey through meeting new people, virtually! With so much uncertainty, members will be able to still experience one of the best parts of FCCLA conferences, meeting new people!

Questions? Contact Christine Grant, State President at!

Washington FCCLA is excited to Go Beyond Measure with you!

Going Beyond Measure

September, 2020

The school has left the building, but the learning is still alive.

I am positive that absolutely no person could have predicted 2020 going the way that it has so far. Disease, conflict, it seems like this year keeps getting worse and worse.

Remember how hopeful we all were at the beginning of this year? How 2020 was going to be “our year?” How excited we were for State Leadership Conference 2020? Although that hope stopped a long time ago after practically chaos took over our world, how come we never regained that hope?

FCCLA inspires young leaders to step out of their comfort zone into a world of opportunities and cooperative action for a better tomorrow. Regain that hope you once had at the beginning of the year because YOU CAN! Seize opportunities with your community, Family and Consumer Science classes, and the world around you.

You have the power to create the life and future you dream of. You can Rule Leadership.

My name is Christine Grant, 2020-21 Washington FCCLA State President. I created this blog not only to share my passion for FCCLA, but to connect with the delegation of Washington FCCLA to strengthen the relationship between members and officers.

So whether you’re an ambitious member or do not know where to start with FCCLA, welcome! I and the 17 other state officers are so glad that you are here. This is a space designed for members just like you to learn how to go Beyond Measure in FCCLA.

In this issue you’ll find my FCCLA membership story, tips on how to successfully run your chapter through COVID restrictions, our state membership campaign, plus how to join the state networking chat!

Each month this blog will be highlighting a different membership story from your state officers or members like you! Email  with your membership story to be featured!

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