National Cluster Meeting

2016 Cluster

 2016 National Cluster Meeting,

Denver, CO November 4-6


Washington State FCCLA had 17 Delegates and 3 Advisers, from 4 High Schools at the National Cluster Meeting in Denver CO November 4-6, 2016:
Kittitas Secondary School
Lake Stevens High School
Nathan Hale High School
Selah High School

Delegates were involved in the Skill Demonstration Events as participants and National Room Consultants and in Life Smarts/Knowledge Bowl Competition. Opening Session was exciting and motivating as delegates listed to interactive speaker, Eddie Slowikowski describe the importance of looking into yourself as you make your life choices – your “Unlimited Possibilities”.  Eddie finished the evening with an exciting dance through the decades show.

Closing Session included National Program promotion, inspirational speaker Cara Filler whose twin was killed in a high speed car crash.  Cara spoke about preventative measures that can save teen lives.  She definitely got our delegates attention!  The evening ended with the greatly anticipated Skill Demonstration Event Trophies and the announcement of the Life Smarts/Knowledge Bowl Teams advancing to Nationals in Nashville, TN.

Thanks to National Room Consultants:  Maggie Stermetz, Kiley Johnson and Sydney Thomas.

Selah High School Life Smarts/Knowledge Bowl Team – Nationals Bound!
Elise Dibble, Andrea Cox, Ada Erickson, Hayley Kroll, Alexandra Vargas

Skill Demonstration Results:

All Washington State Participants placed in the top 3.

Culinary Math Challenge

Senior – 2nd Place – Alma Hernandez, Lake Stevens High School

Occupational – 2nd Place – Meraiah Medellin, Lake Stevens High School

Interviewing Skills

Occupational – 2nd Place – Hailey Herrera, Lake Stevens High School

1st Place – Raquel Leenstra, Lake Stevens High School

Speak out for FCCLA

Senior – 3rd Place – Meagan Stickney, Kittitas Secondary School

Occupational – 1st Place – Lauren Lindbloom, Lake Stevens High School

Toys that Teach

Occupational – 1st Place – Grace Fortney, Lake Stevens High School