Vice President of Parliamentary Law and Finance

President, Noah Ray













My name is Noah Ray.   This year my duties include, overseeing all meetings and making sure your state officer team follows Parliamentary Procedure.  I also will be working very close with Dr. Debby Handy to report the status of our finances and finally, I am one of your student representatives on the Board of Directors.

I am very excited to introduce our state-wide Chapter Financial Fitness Project. This Project will encourage chapters to educate themselves on the National Financial Fitness Program.  Award winning chapters will be recognized at our 2018 State Leadership Conference. Scroll down to learn more about this competition!

This year is going to be quite a journey and I’m very excited to go on the journey of a lifetime alongside you, Washington State Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America members. Never hesitate to contact me with questions, because if you are asking about this incredible organization, then that’s a pretty dang good question!

Noah Ray, State President


Washington FCCLA Chapter Financial Fitness!!

Chapters better educate your members on our National Program, Financial Fitness, and receive STATE RECOGNITION by implementing any of the 4 units, within your chapters. Nationals provides resources; you may find the resources on how to implement the units within your chapter at:

The 4 National Financial Fitness Units are:

  • Earning– sharpen on-the-job financial fitness
  • Spending– track and plan personal spending
  • Saving – conquer bank accounts, credit, and investments
  • Protecting– keep financial and personal interests safe

After you’ve implemented a unit, fill out the form below – “Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Form” and email the completed form to

Final Date for sending in your Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Forms is FEBRUARY 9, 2018.

Grading Rubric for Awards:

  • Complete 1-2 Units – Level 1 Award
  • Complete 3 Units – Level 2 Award
  • Complete 4 Units – Level 3 Award

All chapters who earn a Level 1, 2, or 3 Awards will receive recognition at the 2018 State Leadership Conference in Kennewick!

Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Form TYPEABLE