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Vice President, Region 3, Kimber-Lee Hoeye















Hello Washington State FCCLA! I’m Kimber-Lee Hoeye, the Vice President of Region 3. I will be a senior at Bonney Lake High School this coming year and I am extremely excited to be representing our state during my last year of school.

I hope to unite our state as we work together to educate our members about FCCLA and encourage new members to participate in the amazing opportunities that we offer. My goal for Region 3 this year is to increase regional participation in various activities such as National Programs, STAR Events, and advocating for our organization. To help with this goal, I will be sending out monthly newsletters with tips and tricks for different activities and information about new ways to get involved. I will also be reaching out to chapters individually to assist with projects and answer any questions.

In order to create a stronger connection between chapters in Region 3, I will be pairing chapters up with one another to be pen pals throughout the year. Every month, I will send out a set of questions to include in the letters you write to members in your partner chapter about things your chapter is implementing in your school, the projects you are participating in, and about life in general. During Regional Leadership Meeting and STAR Events competition, you will get the chance to meet the people in your partner chapter. How involved you are with your partner chapter is up to your chapter and your advisers! I encourage you all to share any special moments or conversations with your pen pals on social media platforms with the hashtag: #FCCLAPenPalParty!


Important Dates

Fall Regional Meeting – October 13, 2016

Regional STAR Events Competition – January 20, 2017

State Leadership Conference – Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick, WA

March 8-10, 2017



Kimber-Lee Hoeye

Vice President of Region 3