Vice President of Public Relations

Vice President of Public Relations, Airelle Grimaud














Dear beautiful people of FCCLA, Airelle Grimaud here. Your Region 9 Vice President, as well as your Washington State Vice President of Public Relations. This year is a busy year for me, as I enter my junior year at Colfax junior senior high school. As busy as I am with everything else, nothing keeps me as occupied as FCCLA. I have so many plans for this year! Last year at state I got to meet so many of you. One of my goals for this year is to meet even more of you. An easy way for me to keep up to date with all of you this year is through my program of work.

My program of work includes a social media challenge. Social media is a great way to get the word out about FCCLA and keep up to date with family, friends and members at the same time.   My challenge each month will involve something that represents how each chapter promotes FCCLA. The challenge part is for your chapter to take a short video of their participation in the challenge and post it on social media with the hashtag to promote the event. Chapters can do this by making a video on a chapter member’s phone then uploading and publicizing it to social media like, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I will track all of the posts every week. At the end of every month I will pick a video that best represents the diversity of FCCLA. That video will then be posted on the Washington FCCLA Facebook page, and will be mentioned in the officer newsletter.




Publicize a unique activity that your chapter does for someone or a group in your community.



Publicize something your chapter is thankful for.


DECEMBER #makeitworthit

Publicize your chapter participating in an event that celebrates a student, teacher or someone in your community that makes your community or school proud.


JANUARY #newyearunlimitedpossibilities

Publicize your chapter during an activity entering the New Year with a renewed energy for Unlimited Possibilities in the coming year.


FEBRUARY #practicemakesperfect

Publicize an activity your chapter is doing to get ready for State Leadership conference.


Airelle Grimaud

Vice President of Public Relations