Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Membership, Brisa Hernandez














Hello, Washington!

My name is Brisa Hernandez, Vice President of Membership and your Region 8 officer contact.

I am an 8th grade student at McLoughlin Middle School, home of the Panthers! I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of FCCLA since my 6th grade year, have attended nationals twice, and am partaking in a leadership role that I never would have imagined. FCCLA has given so many opportunities to me in these short years, and I am prepared to give back.

Words cannot describe my level of excitement and anticipation as I start this new term as your Vice President of Membership.  I intend to support each chapter in Washington as you continue to build upon our State membership, which currently stands at 2040.

This year, my goal is to help unite and encourage our State to “PAVE the way with FCCLA.”  The PAVE acronym is more than just a part of a slogan. PAVE is a cultivated-strategy that will help chapters expand and increase membership. We will be sending a “September Package” that will come with supplies and tips to help you implement your chapter’s PAVE plans and a schedule for one to one consultations with a helpline.

“P” PROMOTE – By promoting FCCLA through your school, you are taking initiative to start advocating for new members

“A” ACCEPT – FCCLA is a leadership organization for EVERYONE.  By accepting new members, you are welcoming them to the FCCLA Family not only to your chapter, but to your region, our state, and the national organization!

“V” VISUALIZE – FCCLA is a student-led leadership organization. By visualizing, members will have the opportunity to help their family, career, and communities through chapter projects, STAR Events competitions and volunteering, running for a state office; or whatever your determined heart desires. You create the positive benefits of FCCLA.

“E” EMPHASIZE – By emphasizing, you are encouraging all your members to do something great and putting your plans into action. From providing a service to the community, having a stronger bond with your family, or being the best leader you can be, emphasizing the importance of FCCLA projects is the key.  Leadership growth is the result.

By completing all of these steps, you have accomplished PAVE the way with FCCLA.” Letters will be going out each month to encourage joining this campaign.

Every chapter that participates in this campaign will receive a small prize and a certificate of participation. In order to earn recognition and a gift for your chapter, click on the link below to fill out the application!


In addition, the chapter with the highest membership increase or the highest number of members will receive a package of gifts for the upcoming year.

The DUE DATE is February 3, 2017.

In conclusion, look to your UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.  Make this year great, and reach to infinity and beyond.

Brisa Hernandez

Vice President of Membership