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Hey Washington State FCCLA! This is Austin Gese and I am your 2016-2017 Vice-President of Competitive Events.

Currently, there are four types of competitive events: Skill Demonstration Events, Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events, FCCLA/Life Skills Knowledge Bowl, and even Online Events. Each event gives students a wonderful chance to sharpen and show off their Family and Consumer Science skills and knowledge, which can be used in their family, career, or community.

This year, I hope to continue the promotion of competitive events in Washington state, along with helping students be better prepared for their STAR Event. By being bettered prepared, every student can have a chance to win gold!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I am looking forward to a great year!

Austin Gese

Vice President of Competitive Events


Important information…

Skill Demonstration Events and the first FCCLA/Life Skills Knowledge Bowl competition, will take place at our National Cluster meetings this November. See for dates and locations.

For more information on Skill Demonstration Events and the FCCLA/Life Skills Knowledge Bowl Competition go to… and

For more information on STAR Events and Online Events go to… and

Download a current copy of the Competitive Events guide at

Nat’l Competitive Events General Information Sheet


Parliamentary Procedure Test Preparation:

What’s the best way to study for the required STAR Events Parliamentary Procedure Knowledge Test and the optional NAP Membership Exam at National Leadership Conference? Study the source of the questions! The National Association of Parliamentarians provides a set of 300 study questions for the NAP Membership Exam at this link –



This website has some nice free handouts, free articles, some “Brainteaser” questions, as well as products for sale.  If you are interested, visit

Jim also has two new books out:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track is focused on smaller meetings, such as boards and committees, and provides details on the most used motions, appropriate informal procedures for smaller boards, and general advice for shortening meetings. 


Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fourth Edition is a user’s guide to the new 716 page edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition) and uses a question-and-answer format to cover the most misused and asked-about provisions, including those that apply to larger membership meetings.


Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fourth Edition was recently awarded the 2013 Phifer Award from the National Communication Association.  Both books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, traditional and online bookstores, as well as electronically for the Kindle, Nook and iPad. 

If you’re interested, more information and reviews of the books can be found at

Washington State Parliamentarian Newsletter:  


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