Chapter Activities

2017-18 Chapter Activities for Recognition at
State Leadership Conference

Welcome to the Chapter Activities page.  This page features activities that your State Leadership Team has created for your Chapter.  Look at the fun opportunities to get members involved, to learn more about FCCLA AND to receive State Recognition!  Get your Chapters !NSPIRED because OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT!



The social media hashtag challenge starts in September. Social media plays a huge role in our lives. It is a gate for interaction between family and friends. Why not promote FCCLA & FCS while you’re at it!

Members can post under the following hashtags:

September: #StartItUpWAFCCLA

The school year is starting, show WA-FCCLA how you recruit new members, hold your first meeting, or rock the red!

October: #OpportunitiesAwaitWAFCCLA

The month of Fall Leadership Meeting. Be !nspired, your opportunities await! Show off your chapter getting ready for the upcoming year, or attending your Fall Leadership Meeting.

November: #OurNeighborhoodWAFCCLA

This is a time to be grateful… show off you or your chapter thanking someone in your family or community that has done something great. Appreciate those around you, you never know the difficulties they may face.

December: #DedicateAndDeliverWAFCCLA

This is the month of giving! Choose a local group to reach out to and help. Dedicating your time to help someone in need is a powerful thing.

January: #JumpForJoyWAFCCLA
Happy New Year! Regional STAR Events is being wrapped up, pose for a pic with your friends or STAR Event certificate. The countdown to State Leadership Conference 2018 is on.

The post with the most likes under that hashtag will be recognized each month on the official WA-FCCLA Instagram ( and receive an award at the 2018 State Leadership Conference. Participants in the hashtag challenge will also be recognized.

Stay tuned for an FCS promotional campaign being released in September.

We can do it, Washington! Best of luck to you and all your goals for this upcoming year.


Brisa Hernandez

Vice President of Public Relations


2.  PARTICIPATE IN WASHINGTON FCCLA                                                         CHAPTER FINANCIAL FITNESS!!

Chapters, better educate your members on our National Program, Financial Fitness, and receive STATE RECOGNITION by implementing any of the 4 units, within your chapters. Nationals provides resources; you may find the resources on how to implement the units within your chapter at:

The 4 National Financial Fitness Units are:

  • Earning– sharpen on-the-job financial fitness
  • Spending– track and plan personal spending
  • Saving – conquer bank accounts, credit, and investments
  • Protecting– keep financial and personal interests safe

After you’ve implemented a unit, fill out the form below – “Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Form” and email the completed form to

Final Date for sending in your Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Forms is FEBRUARY 9, 2018.

Grading Rubric for Awards:

  • Complete 1-2 Units – Level 1 Award
  • Complete 3 Units – Level 2 Award
  • Complete 4 Units – Level 3 Award

All chapters who earn a Level 1, 2, or 3 Awards will receive recognition at the 2018 State Leadership Conference in Kennewick!

Financial Fitness Unit Reporting Form TYPEABLE


3.  Nominate a Chapter Member AND Adviser of the Month

Members and advisers work hard and do great things for FCCLA. That hard work does not go unnoticed and this is a way to recognize members AND advisers you see doing great things for FCCLA. Maybe they did a really good job recruiting members or they volunteered to help at multiple FCCLA events or they have exemplified FCCLA’s mission and purposes or any other things they are doing to deserve extra recognition.

One adviser and one member will be chosen to be the Adviser and Member of the Month starting in October and ending in February. The application opens at the beginning of each month and is due on the 25th of each month. (the application open in September will be for October’s Member and Adviser of the month). The nominator will receive an email if their nominatee receives the award. The Member and Adviser of the month will receive recognition through the FCCLA Instagram page.

To nominate a Member and/or Adviser of the Month,  fill out the Member and Adviser of the Month Application on the Survey Monkey below.

I can’t wait to recognize members and advisers who !nspired others!

Madeline Bunce

Vice President of Recognition


4.  Participate in MAKE YOUR INTENT 10%

Hey Washington, participate in the State Membership Campaign, Make Your Intent 10%!

This Membership Poster Contest is a great way to both boost your Chapter Membership AND receive State Recognition!  The chapter who wins, will be recognized at State, receive preferential seating at the State Leadership Conference Banquet, and receive a trophy! Click the link below to view the flyer and review the criteria.

Make sure your poster is submitted via e-mail before January 1st, 2017 to! All chapters who participate will have their poster displayed at State! All newly affiliated chapters and chapters who reached the 10% goal will be featured on this page.

Each chapter who reaches the 10% goal, will also receive a certificate at State.

Membership Poster Contest Criteria Flyer

Can’t wait to see everyone at State this March!

Jane Kratz

Vice President of Membership