Alumni & Associates logo colorWelcome WA-FCCLA Alumni!

We are excited to have you join us! A group of active alumni have been working to get the WA-FCCLA Alumni Association established. These same men and women have led State Leadership Conference sessions, assisted with officer training and provided assistance at regional meetings. The WA-FCCLA members have greatly benefitted from their enthusiasm!

The Washington delegation of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is proud to have an outstanding network of Alumni and Associates who continue to impact this organization’s membership in a positive and influential way. We are composed of former FCCLA, FHA/HERO members, and family and consumer sciences professionals who wish to continue their participation and give back to the organization after high school or college as well as, business or marketing professionals who are interested in helping to develop the next generation of family, career, and community leaders.

If you would like to learn more about Washington’s outstanding Alumni and Associates as well as continuing your journey with FCCLA please feel free to contact:

Washington A&A Board of Directors Representative, Garrhett Petrea

The Top Ten Reasons to Get Connected

  1. See where the ultimate leadership experience has taken FCCLA alumni.
  2. Communicate with former members of FCCLA, FHA, HERO, NHA, as well as business and industry associates.
  3. Re-connect with friends you met at state meetings.
  4. Share personal and professional experiences.
  5. Gain access to current FCCLA news and resources.
  6. Explore opportunities for national recognition.
  7. Continue to make a difference for Washington State members through donating in various ways.
  8. Volunteer on the local, state, and national levels.
  9. Demonstrate your support for the only in-school student organization with family as its central focus.
  10. Be inspired by others who value the importance of families, careers, and communities.


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A portion of your membership goes to support WA-FCCLA. The link below takes you to a PayPal, secure site to make your dues payment.

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Would you like to help with the State Leadership Conference?

Be there — Wenatchee — March 30 – April 1, 2016! Conference registration information is available on the “Meetings” page of this website. Contact Kay Niemi if you would like to help with the conference!

WA-FCCLA Board of Directors


Email Dr. Handy if you are interested serving in the alumni position at a future time:

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to draw on the strengths and talents of others that support the organization.

Board members shall promote interest and active participation in the organization on the part of the membership and representative groups.  This board will be the legal governing body of the Washington Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.  The primary functions of the Board shall be to set policy relating to program and fiscal matters and to be responsible for sound management.  The State Adviser, executive director, and the family and consumer sciences program supervisor shall be the administrators of the organization (referred to as the FCCLA Executive Committee).  The Board receives and acts upon the recommendations of the FCCLA Executive Committee, relative to the management of program and fiscal matters.

The alumnus on the Board of Directors serves a 2 year term and will include a minimum of three annual Board meetings and assigned committee service.  We plan to have at least one of these meetings electronically.   Members are strongly encouraged to attend the State Leadership Conference.  Board members shall be expected to attend all regular and special meetings of the Board, and to serve on committees as assigned.  Board members shall demonstrate an active interest in family and consumer sciences education and in FCCLA’s mission, goals, programs, and activities. The Board of Directors has established a set of goals for 2015-2016. If you would like to help with a project, please let Dr. Handy know — email her at


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